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Job details:

Looking for a developer to take over coding on version 1.0 of an online directory / community service for churches and other non-profit associations in North America.

This is a development project that has been developed in-house and the lead developer is leaving. We need to hand off the project in order to take the project to the next level. So, this will be a version 1.0 handoff to someone new to take to next versions. The prime developer will still be available for help and guidance, but not day-to-day dev and coding.

Start date: 15 – 30 days for initial introduction to project.

Interviewing Process: To begin, we would need a resume and github repository. We’ll review and follow up if candidate qualified.


** Skillset

Node (v10) and Node-flavored JS
SCSS and CSS-in-JS
NoSQL databases
Building with Webpack
Firebase API familiarity (auth, cloud functions, real-time database, storage)
Twilio API familiarity
  Must have worked with Redux in production, and written backend JS in production.


Must have skill in working remotely and collaboratively online.
Must have good working communication skills in English.

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