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I'm looking for a WebGl Developer to create an animated character that can move on my webpage.

Here is the pitch :
I want than when people arrives on my website, they just start to navigate and after 5, 10, 15 sec (or on a specific event, not important) an animated character arrives in the screen (just walking from the left or right of the screen until the middle of my screen), and start talking to them using a cartoon bubble.

The website page will still be in background, and browsable (not like a popup that just block your page).

The result of your job will be a script that I'll simply copy/paste in my website HTML page, and later on integrate into a WP plugin (more convenient).

2 more things :
– I would like to be able to choose the displayed characters from a character library.
– I would like to be able to chose "where the character comes from in the screen" and "where he'll stop".

–> So I'll need you to design at least 2 characters. And If I need more characters after that, I'll come back to you.
But I also want to be able to add new characters to the same script by myself, of made by other person on my team. Meaning : The scrips HAVE TO accept various characters without beeing changed / edited.

Here is some examples of characters from PixiJs (but no need to use PixiJs)

Important : I need something with good performances, I don't ant to use my visitor CPU / GPU.

Here is a solution that has been suggested to me :
Use afterEffect, and simply use spriteSheetanimations from pixijs and load with texturePacker json,
You will have unequaled performance, and in addition to enjoying the software filter FX(motionBlur).
Also easy rigging with free plugin DUIK (https://rainboxprod.coop/fr/outils/duik/)

I hope I'm clear on my needs. Feel free to ask if you've more questions.


Posted On: June 01, 2018 04:25 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development

Skills: 2D Design, JavaScript
Country: France
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