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Looking to complete www.okuwanic.com and go live June 30th 2018 most importantly. Go Live Seminal Scheduled for July 1st.


Milestone 1 – 1st Correction: Main index page as php or html called dashboard.

Use http://www.okuwanic.com/dashboard.php page as home page without a login required. Instead of landing page http://www.okuwanic.com or http://www.okuwanic.com/searchdomain.php currently set with a login.

Milestone 2 – 2nd Correction: Domain searches:

Part 1: Incorporate to combine http://www.okuwanic.com/login.php page details on http://www.okuwanic.com/domainresult.php page after domain search from http://www.okuwanic.com/searchdomain.php to proceed with credentials creation or return login users. (Meaning: When you search a domain and results are presented to select from on domainresult page to will see Create a new contact? button where you will need to include other buttons and use all the details from the login.php with the details below the domainresult.php after selecting a domain result of choice.)

Part 2: domainresult.php – Use existing contact? (Meaning if you "create a new contact" that contact should be the default owners contact and should be select-able from the list (Owner Contact/Admin Contact/Technical Contact) once utilized to attach the selected domain after that user creation and can be the Owner Contact/Admin Contact or Technical Contact unless the user create additional contacts for the Owner Contact/Admin Contact/Technical Contact as a choice.

Milestone 3 – 3rd Correction: Combine shopping baskets (viewcart.php with cartitems.php)


Cartitem.php is preferred and should include editable fields for customer simplicity. So that they can change quantities like years of domain, hosting, etc of items added with update button to reflect the changes and cost.

Milestone 4: We can discuss completing other products functionality like Dedicated Server /SSL / Cloud with the Admin Control Panel completion in this project or create another project for those. Negotiable…..


Keep site in testing mode: soapservice.php

Easynic Control Panel: https://secure.easynic.com/com/iomart/reseller_interface/index.cfm?rm=dashboard

Review Files attached/or in Download: API Docs (jSON) – easynic_reseller_api_json, Legacy API docs (SOAP)

Testing Credentials:

Password: Lost12us1

Username: [email protected]
Passowrd: Lost12us1

Other Reseller Credential/ Website FTP & MySQL Database –
To be provided via email or Upwork chat upon discussion to hire.

Budget: $50,000

Posted On: June 01, 2018 16:04 UTC
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Skills: API Testing, CSS3, HTML, HTML5, jQuery, MySQL Administration, PHP, REST, Web Design, Website Development
Country: United States
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