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BEI (BackOfficeExport.com) specializes in backoffice operations. Our main efforts are focused on building out proprietary strategies and services that will benefit our clients brands. Our success is based on customer and client satisfaction. with this said, we are seeking a talented developer. If you are a talented well disciplined developer, you will be hired again long term.

Skills Required:

*5+ years of PHP (custom PHP, truly understanding PHP)
*5+ years of MySQL/PHP MyAdmin
*5+ years of Javascript/Ajax
*5= years of WordPress development
*5+ years of plugin WordPress experience


*Comment your code, with your initial at the end + date.
*Use error reporting E_ALL (Debugging is essentail)
*Notice erorrs must be fixed, DO NOT use functions like strlen() to validate variables

To sum it up, use proper code that is bug free. Do not ignore notice errors. Professionalism is the key. We just ask you do what any — great — skilled programmer does, that's all.

BEINL TEMPLATE: https://dmdevserver.com/beinl/

Task To Do for https://dmdevserver.com/beinl/:

1. The newest users with a profile photo should appear first (on top of the results).
2. If more then one country is added, title should change to:
          BEI: Hire Freelancers From Philippines|Bangladesh
3. For the list view on the results (this is list view: https://dmdevserver.com/beinl/) check mark box should appear if user_role -> administration is logged in.
4. A button should appear at the bottom, to send to all checked users, you know like
    send a job offer to all the freelancers.  
5. pop up dialog to show up, when inviting freelancer to job (with a message dialog box)

Basically all this above is simple, everything is done using wp_query(); and so on. It's all WordPress users/user data.

This is a small test job, to make sure you easily/clearly understand how WordPress works. All the users are based on custom user meta keys.

Then we have some custom user post meta pages that need done:


1. this page here, needs to look and feel (more then less almost like) -> https://dmdevserver.com/beinl/.

BONUS: Whoever helps us finalize this project. We will reward you well in the end. We will dedicate any and all work with you along with a raise. We will also make you are top freelancer, but pay you through here of course. We have several (many clients).

Budget: $150

Posted On: June 03, 2018 10:24 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development

Skills: CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Website Development, WordPress
Country: United States
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