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I have a current nodejs app. When I put in some photos (.jpg) or videos (.mp4) into a folder in the app, it will display out to users. Users can email the photos or videos to themselves. I need to add in a functionality whereby users can get the photo or video into their smartphones WITHOUT emailing. It needs to be a universal way so that regardless of what brand of smartphone users are using, they can get the

I was thinking of generating a unique URL for each file (.jpg or .mp4). There can be a background process to upload each file to Amazon S3 (for example). Then we get the unique URL and generate a QR code for it. When users scan this QR code, i hope for them to be able to immediately save the video or image file into their smartphone's gallery so that they can then share it on social media.

Note that the above QR code method is just what i think may work. If you have any other tools/framework/solution that you think can achieve the same ultimate results, please suggest and let me know. As long as files (.jpg or .mp4) from my app can be sent and saved into a user's smartphone gallery (without using emailing), I'm open to the solution.

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Posted On: June 10, 2018 13:14 UTC
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