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I'm looking for someone to do simple changes to a custom WordPress theme, where the WooCommerce section is currently based on the StoreFront theme (, but needs to be customized to match some PSD. I am looking for someone who:
– Has Good communication skills: You should be able to be able to read and interpret longer messages as well as voice messages
– Is an Independent Thinker: You should be able to work without much guidance. Understanding the parameters, and making something that works well within those parameters.
– Finds it Easy to Learn Software: I use Slack, Plutio (project manager), and other services like that. You need to be able to use these services without me explaining how to use them.
– Can use Grunt: I have the Gruntfile setup, so you don't need to configure grunt. You just have to install it, go to the correct directory in your console, and type "grunt" or "grunt deploy"…yep, that's it.
– Can Write CSS with SASS: Sass is super easy to learn and saves a lot of time, but whenever I'm doing customizations, I create a child theme and turn all the CSS into SASS (then use grunt to compile)
– Can Write JS: I don't ever have any advanced Javascript. It is always just basic jQuery functions for simple things like form submissions, carousels, etc.
– Can Do Some Theme Development: This'll mostly be building out additional shortcodes within the theme. I use Brizy (, so 90%+ of the theme you won't have to mess with or do any customization, because my partner who is a designer will do that with Brizy. When something else is needed that Brizy can't do, I'll probably have you make some shortcodes to add that additional function. In this specific scenario, the theme WILL NOT be using Brizy and you won't be doing this by Shortcodes, but by standard WooCommerce customization.
– Enjoys life! I want us to enjoy working together, and I hope to be someone that is good to work with. This won't be high-stress work.

While signing up for this job only obligates you for the work I have listed below, I am really looking for someone that I can keep coming back to as more tasks come up. So I hope that we can continue to work together on more projects after this (we can do it with an hourly contract in the future too).

I already have someone on board who does the CSS + HTML + Basic PHP. In this case you'll be doing both, but I need someone else (like you!) to mostly do the more advanced PHP used in theme and plugin customizations. While this contract is only for this project, I'm confident there will be more in the future if we work well together.

Also please include a general turn-around time that you expect you'd be able to do something if I told you about it. For instance, if next week I gave you something that would take 4 hours, do you expect that you'd be able to complete that task within 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, etc.  (I know some weeks you'll be busy with other things so this isn't binding for a specific week, but this is a generalization given your current schedule.)

Most of the above specifications are more general. Specifically, for this project, here are the requirements:
– The changes are based on PSD files linked below
– The PSD files are based on the following pages:
1. Shop home: changed to this: [or here's the JPG:]
2. Single product: layout changed to this PSD: [or here's the JPG:]
3. Category archive: changes to this: [or here's the JPG:]
4. Cart: changed to this: [or here's the JPG:]
5. Thank-you/Order Confirmation Page: (link to the PSD of the looks of the current order confirmation page) will also be changed. The changes will not be drastic, but there will also be some changes here. I don't have the new PSD yet.

Budget: $175

Posted On: March 15, 2019 17:46 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development

Skills: HTML, PHP, Website Development, Woocommerce, WordPress
Country: United States
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