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I want to build a simple web app where I run public polls/quizzes.
– App is mobile first, desktop is not a priority.
– Users can vote without registration, they can vote only once, of course with cookie help.
– Each poll got a unique URL
– Look and feel is Twitter style, see below:
– User cant see results before voting.
– Duration is there just like twitter.
– After submitting your vote, you will get the results and 2 logos below: Whatsapp and Twitter to share the results, this is the most important feature of the app cuz it’s what will drive traffic, once user click on whatsapp it should open the app along to select to whom it will send, once selected he will get it populated with image and predefined text to make things easier to share, the image is a screenshot of the question and results, sample:

Same applies on Twitter.
– Can add polls, with multiple answers only, no max limit.
– Can decide duration, just like twitter.
– Can stop polls and hide them, traffic should be redirected to homepage.
– Can see number of polls over all, ongoing, expired, on hold, along with number of voters.
– Poll description should be HTML enabled to allow hyperlinking.
– Can define [predefined text] in sharing section for each poll.


Budget: $298

Posted On: June 02, 2018 20:36 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development

Country: Saudi Arabia
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