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Looking for an experienced Vue.js developer with great front-end skills to fix 4 bugs in an existing Vue.js application. I have a side-project Vue.js 2.x Timezone app ( which I would like the following issues fixed for:

1. Validate a timezone hasn't already been added: Currently allows more than one entry for a timezone/City to be added to the main app (e.g you can add New York twice). You should only be able to add each city/entry from the timezone search one time.

2. Add ability to delete a timezone entry from the main screen. Right now you can add any number of timezones to the main screen but there is no way to remove one. I would like tapping/clicking on an entry to also display a little white X in the right-corner of the screen enabling the removal of the entry.

3. [Time UI] Support smooth swiping/physics animation when you fling/slide the time controller UI (class=slider) at the bottom of the screen. This is noticeable on Chrome for Android or Safari on iOS where you can't really fling at all (just swipe and move past a few items at a time) . Compare the app in a mobile browser vs. the desired experience you see in a similar native application I'd like to have the same experience (at 60fps). It's okay to try pulling in third-party code to help here, but please keep in mind that I'm trying to improve the Lighthouse scores and am trying to keep extra JS to a minimum.

4. See screenshot. Fix the time controller UI being displayed below-the-fold when opened in a browser. This is especially noticeable when a number of timezones have been added. One fix could be keeping the time controller UI fixed position using CSS with the main timezones area being scrollable once too many items have been added.

The app was created using Vue CLI and has a familiar structure if you've used the CLI to scaffold anything before. I would like to hire someone that's comfortable with implementing features (especially 3.) in a performant way as the work will be validated on Android and iOS phones. Fixes will also need to work cross-browser.

Work on the app will happen on GitHub in a private repo. I appreciate any and all submissions.

Budget: $500

Posted On: June 04, 2018 03:46 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development

Skills: JavaScript, Vue.js
Country: United States
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