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Create a very user friendly website to allow parents to rate/review the coach of their child’s youth teams. I will first start with the select baseball market in Dallas, TX. Think about it like “Yelp.com” or “ratemyprofessor.com”. Parents/players will be able to go read about coaches with certain organizations before they tryout. If they are offered a spot with a coach they’ve read bad reviews about, they’ll be able to decide  Baseball Organizations will also be able to read these reviews when considering coaches who want to work at their facility.

I would also like to include a part of the website that will aggregate the Tryout information, Camp Details, Popular Hitting Instructors, etc., for all select baseball organizations in DFW.

The last part of the website will agregate all of the details for all tryouts at all colleges in this Region of the US. The colleges will have incentive to send this information because it will be free marketing. They charge each player to come try out, so it’s free money. This part of the website will obviously be geared for families with Highschool Juniors and Seniors who are trying to get recruited to play college baseball.

I will eventually try to grow this idea to other cities and maybe other sports.

For reference: some of the main select baseball organizations in DFW are: Dallas Tigers, D-Bat, Dallas Mustangs, Frozen Ropes, Baseball Nation, Texas Spikes, Academy Select Sundevils, Texas Oilers, Texas Raiders, THA Stix, etc.

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Posted On: June 01, 2018 02:44 UTC
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