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We are looking to build a Charity/website to match people who wish to give their time and skills with people who are terminally ill or have a long term illness and in the care of a registered charity.

It needs to have 2 main sections:

1. The donator set up page – set up your own profile with details of who you are, where you live, what your interest and hobbies are what you can share/offer. The data needs to be encrypted and profiles only seen/accessible through the controlled beneficiary page. The website will need to show examples of what people are sharing and doing but the personal details will need to be removed and the data stored in an encrypted fashion. This will prevent any member of the public seeing who has what and where they live.

2. The beneficiary log in page. To see the full details and contact the members/see their full profile, it will require log in details and access codes to be controlled/provided by the charity or local doctor. I need to ascertain how we can do this by talking to the charities as I suspect there is already a log of registered patients we can use. This will prevent just any member of the public booking on the system and it will also prevent any member of the public seeing who has what and where they live.

In addition to the above pages it will also have a home page, an about us page and a what we do page.

The details are:

1. Embedded calendar booking function so donators can allocate slots in a diary when they are prepared to offer their time and for the beneficiaries to see this and book it. That will take you to the messaging page – see below.
2. Interactive messaging function so the sharer and beneficiary can arrange details of when and where to meet etc and message each other
3. Easy profile set up – a user can load up their photo, brief description of themselves and location. They can then upload the same for the various activities they can offer. You can then quickly and easily click on each one and go through to a calendar to input your availability for each activity.
4. Controlled access log in function for permitted beneficiaries (to prevent just anyone booking fun trips – likely to be limited to people registered with our registered charities)
5. Ability for users (donators and beneficiaries) to leave feedback and have an interactive experience.
6. Beneficiary search function by date, activity or location (which searches the various profiles of donators).

Once the website is up and running, we can get some trial users and get some sponsorship before driving an interactive social media and marketing campaign to drive traffic to the website.

Posted On: February 11, 2019 16:18 UTC
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