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Looking for an experienced developer for an immediate start in building/ developing an
e-commerce platform for a small (growing) distribution company.
Site would need to work with QB (QuickBooks) and iOS compatible.
Simplicity would be key.
100 sku's
150 customers current> 500

Price needs to be discussed/ determined

Each product and size specs would be on our website- with links to each brand (we started distribtuon 1 year ago, we’re wanting to work with select and limited brands)
Customers would logon to our URL
Enter user name and password in a field box/ button
List of available items in text format would pop up, some business's would have it tailored to them- price, or narrowed down to just the few items they order.
Maybe thumbnail pics next to each product??
They would enter amount required in box.
Perhaps a comment box bottom of the order page- delivery instructions or something they wish to advise of.
Push send
Order confirmation sent to customer
Top of order page we’d like to run a weekly/ monthly special/ deal.
We would set up accounts address etc so no details needed added on each order.
Most accounts have terms- so no payment or shipping required.
Order history so customers can look back/ to see what balance owing is.
Order would then merge into QB for accounting- we offer ACH payment via QB but no credit cards
It would then be printed off in our office in Miami (ideally I’d to have that it prints automatic without the need of an office person- almost like a fax) as we have a staff member(s) come in early to get orders ready, generally before the office personal, we plan to open an additional warehouse in Orlando, to have it that an order can be directed to specific location would be great.
Customers would need to be set up/ approved by us, we’d enter in details- business name, phone, email(s) accounts person/ person ordering, address, PO
By linking with QB, inventory would be managed/ decreased on each order.
To be able to use/ link emails for a weekly email blast- we currently use MailChimp
A clean simple site is preferred, as we work with mainly with Food and Beverage personal many of these have limited time (or care factor lol) in ordering. Sometimes from a mobile device on the go and weird hours…

Would need something thats easy to operate/ update (added or removing on a monthly basis, or if something is out of stock, price change)

Timeline? We want to move forward this week

We spend many hours per week entering orders from emails- this we think is a waste of our time and the customers.

We currently use QB online for Mac, would we need to upgrade??

Budget: $5

Posted On: June 03, 2018 17:34 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development

Skills: Web Design, Website Development, WordPress
Country: Australia
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