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I want to build a member's area (for a dating/matchmaking hybrid) where after registration (or during it, doesnt matter) they get a compatibility test. (doesnt matter if they are in a seperate page or as part of registration, they just need to integrate with everything else im gonna describe)

   After they join they are directed to a page where they choose 2 paid levels of service and 1 free.
If they select a membership they pay and are redirected to a Consultation Appointment calendar and after that they become a free member (we manually upgrade them once the matchmaker approves in person) the free ones go straight to the member's area as free.
Now unlike many sites, need to be able to restrict communication, the highest level (VIP) would have a video profile (with photo option) with his name age occupation and mile range (automatically there based on the other viewers location),  the 3 best matches based on compatibility and a "Request button" that allows them to be requested for a date.
The requested then sees it in his activity field or wherever and accept or denies. If rejected the other member simply receives a notification, if accepted the accepting person gets a pop up (or other page doesnt matter) and sets Date, Time, and pickup location address, that is then notified to both parties and the administrators (we make arrangements for them).
The 3 best matches in a VIP member's profile have a request button too, however this invites them to a group date which they accept or deny just like a regular request.
They also will be notified by admins about major special events in a notification with the same Accept/Reject format, if so we are notified that they accepted.   Regular members are not invited to the events.
Normal members can request, have a request button themselves,  search the directory (more on that later) and pay for events they see in the Events tab, but they do not get invites to them, and they have to pay a fee.
Free members can only see people in the directory, nothing else, no events tab.
Events Calendar: there will be a tab in all paid members profile leading to an events calendar. if VIP the member simply selects the event and if interested clicks to attend (no payment). If non VIP a pop-up appears to make them pay a fee and after processing they are registered for the event.

Directory and Search page (either combined or separate): people should be able to search members based on profile parameters entered during registration/compatibility test (age, gender, etc etc, the fields for the search are the profile info) If combined they see all members and they can then filter out, if separate they use the parameters to bring up result.

Based on that:
See the files for an idea of the layout. Keep in mind integration

Currently I am using WordPress ( DIVI theme) with Buddypress plugin so if possible within buddypress (doesnt matters if some functions go outside buddypress) what matters is that it works as described, that the layout can be similar to the main page and non-members area pages already made, and give the admin the ability to change the member's status and see all activity in the admin calendar [forgot to mention we need a calendar that shows both the consultation appoitments, dates accepted between members etc, everything and of course the ability to edit the events calendar, so thats 3 calendars, one for the registrants to make an appointment for paid membership, one for events (with the payment requirement for non-vip)  and the Admin calendar)

Note: about project images: use them as guides to what i described. The image from a notebook side is the pop up they get when they request as opposed to what happens when requested.

Budget: $350

Posted On: June 03, 2018 09:34 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development

Skills: CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Web Design, Website Development, WordPress
Country: United States
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