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Hello there,

We are looking for a very specific service so please ready this brief carefully 🙂

– We build WP websites for clients. We use Premium Themes, mostly Stockholm.
– We are happy with our general skills in site design and building.
– We are NOT HAPPY with the speed of most of our sites however. Most are slow or sluggish.
– We want to LEARN from an expert how to asses the speed and performance of our WP sites, identify why sites are underperforming and then LEARN how configure both the site and server settings to achieve the best possible speed and performance.
– We DO NOT want to add 3rd party plugins. We want to work with server and WP settings only as well as how we cut/save/upload content.     

So that we can LEARN how to do it for ourselves in the future, we want you to complete your assessment and optimisation LIVE online while we are online with you, screen-sharing and listening to your commentary and instructions as you complete the exercise.

We will give you the details of one of our sites along with the credentials just before our session, for you to work on live. This is deliberate as we don't want you to go away and optimise it and then come back and tell what you did. We want to to actually do it LIVE while we are watching, listening and learning.   

So, to make this work you will need to be:
– Good with host and server setting and optimisation for WP
– Familiar with the Stockholm Premium Theme and it's designs
– Able to clearly and logically take us through your step-by-step approach to optimisations on-line, LIVE. So you will be a strong communicator with strong conversational English
– Flexible to set-up a time to complete this exercise suitable for Sydney Australia time zone (where we are). We are happy to start early in the morning or later in the evening if required.

Our expectations:
– After this session we want to have been taught a CLEAR and logical process for optimising WP Stockholm theme site for Speed and Performance through server and WP setting and configurations.
– We will be working on a LIVE site so we also expect that at the end of the session that the test site has significantly improved its performance.

Our hopes
– to also find a strong WP development partner that we can call on in the future as required to support us technically in other areas of more complex WP site development.

I hope all of the above is clear. We are not sure how many hours this will take, but expect is will be between 2 and 3 hours for this first training exercise.

If you have any questions please advise.

Thank you!

Posted On: June 01, 2018 03:55 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development

Skills: WordPress
Country: Australia
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