Independent Mapping Project – Upwork

The goal of this work is to categorize independent restaurants into their appropriate Category
and Subcategory based on internet research.

Category is defined as Quick Service, Fast Casual, Family Dining, Casual Dining, and Fine Dining(Will be further defined for you).
Subcategory is depending on the parent category, but represents the type of food provided by
the restaurant.


1. Google location name and state to determine characteristics of the location:
o Specifically looking for how food is ordered and what type of food is served
o If helpful results are not readily available, additional location details are found
on the second tab of the accompanying excel.

2. Update Column C with the appropriate category based on the guidelines below:
o Quick service and fast casual are limited service restaurants. This means that
you order at a window or counter.
o Family Dining, Casual Dining, and Fine Dining are full service restaurants with
waiter service to your table.

3. Update Column D with the appropriate subcategory based on type of food served.

4. If Column E (“Bad Categorizaton”), updates to “Yes”, review the subcategory assigned
and be sure that it is included in the parent category selected.

Budget: $2,000

Posted On: April 15, 2019 23:14 UTC
Category: Admin Support > Web Research

Skills: Company information, Company Research, Critical Thinking, Data Entry, Information Literacy, Internet Research, Research Methods, Topic Research
Country: United States
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