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Looking for someone for a Google search/data entry task in Excel.

The goal of this task is to search for online news articles that can be used as source URL for each of the roughly 300 announcements listed in the accompanying Excel file about investments and partnerships of major automakers related to autonomous vehicles, connectivity and digitalization.

The added Excel file contains three sheets. The first with more detailed explanation on how to perform the task, the other two contain information and source column to be filled. The task consists of a Google search based on the information provided in each row in the Excel file, to find a relevant source URL for each row. Pasting the available information into a Google search will often be enough to find a relevant article directly.

Needed skills are ability to quickly scan through Google search titles (English) and cross check for important keywords, dates etc. to find relevant links.

Posted On: October 26, 2021 22:16 UTC
Category: Online Research
Skills:Company Research, Data Entry
Country: United States

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